Captivated by Love Island USA? Here are 3 more drama-filled reality dating shows to watch on Netflix and Max

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Love Island USA has had everyone talking about the non-stop drama ever since season six started streaming on Peacock. There’s been plenty of jaw-dropping moments as a fresh batch of singles get up to some wild antics in the villa in a bid to find love and win $100,000.

So if you can’t get enough of the screaming rows and raunchy rendezvous, we’ve found three more reality dating shows for you to watch on the best streaming service Netflix and HBO’s Max

Heartbreak Island

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Heartbreak Island is a spicier version of Love Island USA. Although it follows the same premise of singles trying to find love in a sunkissed mansion (in this case, a beach resort in Fiji), facing challenges and winning a cash prize, Heartbreak Island has some different rules to heat things up. In the series, 16 contestants enter a tropical Fijian island to find their perfect match and try to win the $100,000 prize money. First they choose their top three mates by looking at only a few photos and a small bio to help them make their decisions. They are then matched up and compete in Survivor-esque challenges that give them an insight into their compatibility and personalities. 

But the path to love isn’t easy, especially on Heartbreak Island as players can opt to do ‘passion plays’, where they can choose to either stay with their current partner or ‘stray’ to someone else on the island or ‘play’ to bring in a newcomer known as a ‘disruptor’. With sizzling scandals, hook-ups and breakups, it’s everything you could want from a binge-worthy reality TV format.

Available to stream on HBO Max in the US, Discovery Plus in the UK and 7plus in Australia. 

Too Hot to Handle 

With steamy poolside flirting and constant backstabbing, Too Hot to Handle is another dating show where attractive singles hook up in a villa – but there’s a ridiculously fun twist. Ten singles meet on a private island thinking they’re in for a lavish time full of flings and fornication, but their vision of paradise soon turns into their idea of hell when they’re banned from kissing or engaging in any sexual acts. If they break the rules, money is deducted from the $100,000 prize pool all while the show’s virtual host Lana – a voice assistant similar to those in the best smart speakers – watches their every move and updates them on how much money they have. 

The bigger the crime, the bigger the fine and whoever dares to risk it all faces the wrath of the other contestants, which often leads to explosive drama packed into addictive 40-minute episodes that you won’t be able to stop watching.

Available to stream on Netflix globally.

Love is Blind 

Netflix knows no bounds when it comes to outrageous reality dating shows and Love is Blind is one of them. The bizarre social experiment became a cultural phenomenon when the first season aired in 2020 and has continued its reign of success for six seasons so far, which would definitely earn it a place on our best Netflix shows list. The Emmy-nominated series has become so famous that it’s produced a number of spinoffs in different countries, including Brazil, Japan, Sweden and Mexico.

The unique premise of the show tests to see if love is truly blind when single men and women enter individual pods and date each other without being able to see one another. After a few days, the couples who fall in love will get engaged and meet their partner for the first time four weeks before their weddings. Their relationships either end in marital bliss or ceremonial disaster as you anxiously wait to hear their answer at the altar. From crazy relationship drama to shocking secrets, it’s no surprise that Love is Blind is often one of the most talked about shows. If you’re wanting to turn your gaze to Love is Blind, then Love is Blind UK is set to launch in August 2024 with more craziness from across the pond.

Available to stream on Netflix globally.

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