When in Colombia: Top Places You Must Visit

Medellin, ColombiaWe all get the urge to travel around the world someday. One of the places that is worth visiting is Colombia. The lovely destinations in this country are very diverse, so you have a lot of places and activities to choose from. As a traveler, it might not be easy to pinpoint which places you should go. Here, we enumerate the top places that are a must-visit in Colombia.

  1. Cartagena

This city is the capital of the Colombian department of Bolivar located on the central part of the Colombian Caribbean Coast. This part of the country is just as alive, colorful, and bursting with energy due to its bustling area. There are plenty of sights here in Cartegana, as it is also known as a Spanish Colonial walled city, which has been declared as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city offers a beautiful entry-point into Colombia.

  1. Medellin

The city of Medellin was once infamous for being one of the most dangerous cities in the world due to the place being home to a cocaine cartel. However, years passed and now the city has reinvented itself to become one of the best places in Colombia. The ‘City of Eternal Spring’ offers travelers the perfect kind of climate all year round. Derived from its title, Medellin is also home to attractive bunches of flowers that are celebrated every month of August.

  1. Guatape

A few hours away from Medellin is the small town of Guatape. The remarkable landmark here is a few hours’ drive away called El Peñol, which is a giant rock situated in the center of several lakes with dotted lands. You need to hike up 659 steps in order to reach El Peñol, after which the effort is worth it as you will get to see breathtaking views of lake valleys and mountains. Guatape has some very remarkable streets bursting with colors, you will definitely want to snap pictures every minute.

There are a lot more interesting places worth visiting in Colombia, but we are only sharing these three destinations for the meantime. What do you think? Which places would you add to the list?

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