Gemini is rolling out to Google Messages, but it’s not the same across Android

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Gemini continues its march across the Google ecosystem. The AI is currently making its way to Google Messages after restrictions were scaled back on June 18

According to the news site MySmartPrice, you’ll soon be able to instruct the feature to “draft messages, have fun conversations, plan events," among other things. However, the form that Gemini will take on the app may differ from person to person.

The information here mirrors what was in the June 18 report. Gemini can be accessed by tapping the New Chat button at the bottom and then selecting the AI in the following window. The option appears at the top above your contacts list. But Android Police states it will come as a floating action button, or FAB for short.

The FAB will sport the Gemini logo and sit on top of New Chat in the bottom right corner. Don't worry about any differences in service as it performs in the exact same way. You can ask whatever question you want or instruct it to give you ideas like what to cook for dinner. The main difference here is the fact it lessens the amount of taps “required to access Gemini inside Google Messages.”

Additionally, Android Police points out that the Gemini FAB causes the compose button to shrink as you scroll.


Upon accessing Gemini for the first time, you will see a terms and conditions page telling you how the AI works. It states conversations with the feature are not encrypted so be mindful of the information you tell it. Gemini does not have access to any private conversations nor will it know your exact location. 

At most, it’ll have a general idea of where you are “based on your IP, [home], or address”. Chats will be saved for 18 months on your device by default, however you can change this to either three or 36 months.

There are some criteria you must meet before you take the artificial intelligence out for a spin. The full list can be found on Google’s Gemini Apps Help page. To give you an idea, you must have an Android phone with 6GB of RAM or higher, have RCS chats turned on, and have the device’s language set to either English or Canadian French. 

Google’s Help page also has instructions on how to delete chats ahead of the time limit running out as well as how to report content.

Keep an eye out for the patch for when it arrives. It should be rolling out within the next few weeks to an Android phone near you.

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