Samsung might finally be about to deal with the Galaxy S24 Ultra's biggest problem

samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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The Galaxy S24 Ultra is on of the best phones Samsung has ever made. Much of this is down to its incredible camera, which gives it a coveted spot as one of our best Android phones. Unfortunately, there’s one thing that lets this phone down, and that’s its sharp corners. But Samsung could finally be about to deal with this problem with the rumored Galaxy S25 Ultra, likely to be released next year.

This all dates back to Samsung’s decision in 2022 to make its Galaxy S22 Ultra a note-style design with an S Pen integrated directly into it. This has led to hands all around the world being dug into so uncomfortably that it can ruin the whole experience of owning the phone for some people.

All of this could be about to change, according to Ice Universe, a long-trusted and reliable leaker of all things Samsung. He’s previously documented how using the phone has caused damage to his hand and now he’s claiming that the squared corners are going to be replaced with rounded ones. The tipster goes a step further and says the corners will be “really rounded”. Hands can breathe a figurative sigh of relief.

Rounded corners are already commonplace in the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus models so this won’t feel like the biggest design change Samsung has ever made. Bringing continuity across the three handsets in the series will certainly make sense, not just from an ergonomic point of view but also in terms of a design ethos.

Galaxy S24 Ultra

(Image credit: Future)

Long term Galaxy S24 Ultra users might be concerned that the rounded corners might mean a drop in S Pen integration but this is apparently not the case.

Samsung’s love affair with square corners is apparently not over, though. If the leaks are to be trusted, then Samsung has plans to introduce equally harsh square corners into the rumored upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6. Dropping them for one phone and introducing them for another won’t make sense to most users but only time will tell what designs Samsung opts for.

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